History in a jewel

Our first family store was created in the 60’s in the old city of Rhodes island, Greece. The family, hailing from the seamen’s island of Symi, initially dealt in antique objects and jewellery.

The fascination for ancient Greek, byzantine and modern Greek traditions led us, Fotis and Anastasia, the younger generation, to the creation of jewellery that celebrates these traditions by combining their symbols and ideas with modern forms and materials.

In our welcoming premises in both Athens and Chalkidiki our guests experience greek art and civilization through jewellery designed and handcrafted exclusively in our workshop as well as by renowned greek craftsmen specialized in the art of handmade jewellery.

Your selections may be futher enriched by exceptional objets d’ art or collectible items also on display in our stores. Every jewel and object in our collections constitutes a truly greek cultural artifact.

We are awaiting to help you select the one that best expresses your own experience and view of our culture and its ideals.